See How Lincoln Intelligent All-Wheel Drive Helps Drivers in Snowy Michigan Weather

Michigan drivers are no strangers to snowy weather and treacherous road conditions. Fortunately, Lincoln vehicles equipped with Intelligent All-Wheel Drive can give you the extra edge you need to traverse slick and slippery roads around Sterling Heights.

So, how does Intelligent All-Wheel Drive help you triumph over snowy Michigan winters? How is this system different from standard all-wheel drive systems? Here we will dive into what makes AWD so essential for Michigan drivers and how the AWD systems found in the Lincoln lineup compare to other less sophisticated systems.

What is All-Wheel Drive?

All-wheel drive is defined as a transmission system that power the front and rear wheels and typically operates in one of two ways: full-time and part-time.

Full-time AWD systems send power to all four wheels continuously at all times, which helps you get greater stability and traction even on dry pavement. This type of AWD system helps to improve handling for a more confident drive, especially on snowy and slippery surfaces.

Part-time AWD systems send torque to either the front or rear wheels (depending on whether your car is front-wheel- or rear-wheel-drive). When faced with slippery road conditions like ice or snow, part-time AWD systems automatically changes the distribution of power to all four wheels so that you can take advantage of better traction when you need it most.

How is Lincoln Intelligent All-Wheel Drive Unique?

Intelligent AWD differs from standard AWD systems in that it employs an advanced system of sensors to constantly monitor driving conditions and your vehicle's traction so that it can deliver more torque to the proper wheels. Sensing road conditions and redistributing power to your vehicle's wheels accordingly helps you maintain better traction, stability, and control as you navigate wintry streets in the Detroit area.

What else does Intelligent AWD do to help? Well, this system doesn't just sense road conditions and adjust power delivery accordingly; it does it fast. The Intelligent AWD system is so sophisticated that it can interpret data gathered from your driving conditions and react, usually before wheel slip even has the chance to occur.

In other words, Intelligent AWD has the potential to sense a possible issue and redistribute power to your wheels to help you maintain traction before you lose it, yielding a more stable, confident drive around Clinton Township! Other standard AWD systems typically can't think that far ahead.

Which New Lincoln Models Offer Intelligent All-Wheel Drive?

Several models in the new Lincoln lineup offer Intelligent All-Wheel Drive to help drivers enjoy better traction and stay ahead of the curve. So, if you're eager to drive a luxurious vehicle that can help you conquer nasty road conditions in the Troy, MI area, we recommend starting your search with the following models:

  • Lincoln Corsair: Drive with confidence in any season. Available intelligent all-wheel drive technology optimizes performance  by seamlessly between front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive in response to road conditions. 
  • Lincoln Nautilus: This midsize crossover is packed with features to help you get the most out of your drive. Intelligent AWD is optional.
  • Lincoln Aviator: The rear-wheel drive platform in the Lincoln Aviator was designed to also accommodate all-wheel drive. *Because of this, when choosing the Aviator that's right for you, you can decide between the thrilling feel of rear-wheel drive* or the confident grip of available all-wheel drive. 

Learn More About Intelligent AWD

If you want to dive into the details surrounding Intelligent AWD or you'd like to explore available Lincoln models equipped with this winter-conquering technology, we invite you to stop by Crest Lincoln serving the Utica, MI area. We'll be happy to go into more detail about how the Intelligent AWD works and help you find a Lincoln model that can help you enjoy a more confident drive even when Michigan weather takes a turn for the worse.

Stop by today to meet with our team and explore our inventory!

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