Winter-Specific Maintenance for your Lincoln sedan or SUV

Our Sterling Heights service center is here to help you year-round by taking care of and maintaining your Lincoln vehicle, and that's especially true during the rough winters. Whether you spend your mornings commuting into Detroit for work or you're running errands around Clinton Township for the family, we're here at Crest Lincoln to make sure your premium vehicle starts and that you don't get stranded when the temperatures start to dip!

Here are some FAQS our service center receives about winter vehicle prep and winter-specific services.

FAQ for Winter Car

Do I really need snow tires?

This is question we get a lot, and we're big proponents of snow tires, especially if you have a FWD model. Even with an AWD new Lincoln, snow tires have better traction, the rubber is better suited for the cooler temperatures, and the tire tread is set up differently to better channel snow and slush. Snow tires don't give you license to fly around Troy MI at questionable speeds when the roads are bad, but they do help you stopping distance, can keep you out of a ditch in Utica MI, and give you added peace of mind. Plus, the last think you want to do is get into a fender bender with your beautiful Lincoln sedan or SUV!

How do I know if my battery is failing?

Dead batteries are common during the winter, especially after they've taken a beating during the hot summer. We can test the strength of your battery, but here are things to keep in mind:

  • If you're battery is approaching three-years, you'll want to get it checked, regardless of the season
  • If your lights are flickering or your vehicle is slow to turn on, your battery might be on its way out
  • If you don't drive very far (i.e., your commute is under 5-miles) your battery doesn't have as much time to charge, so we suggest going on at least one or two 15-minute drives a week to keep your battery in better shape

When we're in for a cold snap that's approaching or below 0-degrees, it's not a bad idea to go out side and run your car for a bit or take a loop around the block, if the roads are clear. If you just let it idle, make sure you have cleared away space by the exhaust.

Do I need to align my oil change service with winter weather?

This is one people don't often think about, but oil does have a harder time warming up in the winter. If you're due for an oil change and are tempted to push it back a few months for a warmer visit, we suggest putting on your warmest gear and coming into our service center anyway. Your Lincoln model will be happy you did! If you don't have synthetic oil in your vehicle (and it's appropriate for the model), we can use that instead, as synthetic tends to do better in cold weather. Plus, you can put some time between your oil changes, which makes the extra cost worthwhile.

What are winter-specific services I might need?

Aside from battery checks and oil changes, here are some winter-friendly maintenance needs our service center can help you with:

  • Windshield wiper replacements so you have perfect visibility (get new wipers every six months)
  • Fluid top-offs with fluids that are made for lower temperatures
  • Heating system checks and upkeep
  • Remote starter installations, if your Lincoln model is not already equipped
  • Snow tire changes

We also suggest that you keep an emergency kit in your trunk or cargo area. You can buy pre-made ones online or you can build one yourself. At the very least it should have jumper cables, high-energy snacks, Gatorade (it doesn't freeze as easily as water), traction strips or kitty litter, a collapsible shovel, flash light or head lamp, matches, an extra blanket or two, thicker gloves that are waterproof, and emergency cash or a pre-paid debit card.

For more information on how to care for your Lincoln vehicle during the harsh winter months, stop into our service center for straightforward explanations and customer care that's top-notch.

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