Car Batteries: Summer Stress Can Cause Winter Woes

Many car owners believe that cold weather kills batteries. It is true that batteries often need to be replaced in the winter, but that does not mean cold temperatures are the culprit.

Batteries have increased capacity in warmer temperatures, but this increase in charge they can hold can actually shorten their life. In fact, batteries that usually operate at 77 degrees last about 50 percent longer than those that operate at 92 degrees.

Winter demands more from a car's battery. For one thing, it takes more power to turn the starter motor. All of this extra demand from a…

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Tips to Help You Drive in the Rain

Now that summer is here, you should prepare your vehicle for increased rain and wet road conditions. We recommended that you check your windshield wipers, tire pressure, headlights, and taillights to ensure they are fully functional. In addition, we also suggest these driving tips to keep you safe when you are driving in the rain.

Go slow! One of the most effective ways you can increase safety in the rain is by slowing your speed. At 35 mph, new tires can hydroplane on wet roads. Your tires will have to move one gallon of water per second to keep in…

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How to Safely Load Your SUV

You've just purchased an SUV, and all you can think about is how much cargo it can carry on your daily errands. While you may have more room than you did in your previous vehicle, you should never overpack it. Here's how to safely load your new SUV.

When packing your SUV, load your heaviest items up front. Set the heaviest items on the floor and remember that your capacity also includes the weight of passengers. 

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Why You May Need a Dash Cam

The rate of auto accident-related lawsuits is higher than ever with many lawsuits resulting in six-figure settlements. In many cases, the lawsuits come down to who the jury believes more. Having a dash cam installed in your vehicle can help prevent “he said she said” situations. Stop at Crest Lincoln if you’re considering a dash cam. We can also answer all your questions.

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Common Signs Your Ignition May Need Service

An ignition system is comprised of numerous components that enable an engine to run efficiently. When an ignition fails, it will prevent the car from starting. If your car fails to start, it may not be a dead battery; it could be your ignition. Here are some signs that can help you recognize if your vehicle’s ignition needs to be serviced.

Grinding and whining noises are typically signs of ignition problems. If you notice a grinding noise coming from the engine, the starter is worn or out of alignment. Moreover, whining noises can occur when the starter isn’t…

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Discover What Sets the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Apart in Sterling Heights

In the mid-sized luxury sedan class, Lincoln has consistently held its own, providing drivers with superior driving performance and reliability. Forging ahead in the hybrid market, the new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid offers the luxury features drivers expect and the fuel efficiency they want.

The three-liter turbocharged engine delivers 400 horsepower for muscle when you need it most. An intuitive cruise control system monitors the road ahead, braking automatically as traffic slows. A state-of-the-art sound system will sync with your smartphone, and leather-trimmed seats offer the...


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The Connection Between Overheating and Head Gasket Failure

As your cylinders burn fuel, your vehicle engine develops a large amount of heat. While it is important for motors to operate at relatively high temperatures, these energies must be regulated in order to prevent widespread engine damage.

The cooling system uses antifreeze or other cooling fluids to transport heat from the cylinders to the radiator. 

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Numerous Reasons the Tire Pressure Light is Illuminating

If you stop each week and take a closer look at the condition of your car tires after the tire pressure indicator light comes on, you will reduce the chances of a tire trouble. Here are a few things to consider about your car tires.

  • Be sure to check the tire tread is not separating from the rest of the car tire. 
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How the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Makes Your Drive Easier

The luxuries that come with the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid are evident in its elegant form and sumptuous interior. They also show up in how they ease your drive.

At lower speeds, Electric Power-Assisted Steering makes the wheel feel lighter and more flowing. At higher speeds, steering becomes more controlled and firmer. This feature also automatically adjusts to constant irregularities in the road. You can create the driving experience you desire with operating modes that can modify the Adaptive Suspension, which uses a variety of sensor to scan driving conditions and tailor the suspension.

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Understanding Your Car: When Should You Check Your Differential?

The differential is located in the center of your front or back wheel. It works with the engine to power the wheels so your car can move. However, if you notice some issues with your car's wheels feeling rough or not responding right to your steering, there could be an issue with the differential.

Your vehicle’s differential uses gears and must be well-lubricated to run properly. Cars that are not often checked for this may start to raggedly. While a differential can stop working altogether, this is unlikely in new vehicles, but your mechanic should always check the…

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