As your cylinders burn fuel, your vehicle engine develops a large amount of heat. While it is important for motors to operate at relatively high temperatures, these energies must be regulated in order to prevent widespread engine damage.

The cooling system uses antifreeze or other cooling fluids to transport heat from the cylinders to the radiator. Before its trip to the radiator, cooling fluid moves through special areas around the cylinders called water jackets. The cylinders and other components are separated from these chambers by special barriers called gaskets.

Gaskets seal the spaces between metal engine fittings. One of the more vital gaskets is called a head gasket. This part prevents coolant from entering the cylinders during engine operation. If damaged, the head gasket may allow fluids to flow into the combustion chambers, and the results may be catastrophic.

To prevent this eventuality, you should have your cooling system carefully and regularly examined by qualified professionals. Here at Crest Lincoln, we can connect you with the expert skills of our certified cooling system technicians. To experience the difference that they can make, swing by our service center in Sterling Heights, MI today for a no-obligation consultation.

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