Windshield wiper blades are usually something we take for granted when the sun is shining, and it is warm outside. As winter begins to set in, these little blades play a big role. If they don't work properly, driving can become almost impossible.

Not all windshield blades are designed for cold weather. The rubber can harden and not make good contact with the windshield. This can cause streaks, making it difficult to see. The rubber can separate from the rest of the blade, making the wiper virtually useless. This can leave you stranded in cold weather.

Winter windshield wipers are designed with rubber that can withstand the cold and perform well. They are designed to prevent ice buildup. The rubber resists tearing. The blades are made strong enough to push snow away from the windshield.

In Sterling Heights, contact Crest Lincoln to let them install winter windshield blades on your vehicle for safe winter travel.
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